Amateur radio inspires new technology and national security.

Michael Lake, autistic savant, published inventions:
1.  High Q Telescopic Coil - a more efficient variable inductor (new).
2. Parabolic Discone antenna - real omnidirectional wideband gain.
3. Liquid Metal Antenna - fluid adjustable.
4. Elastic stretchable liquid metal wire - keeps the inductance of a straight wire.
5. Soon: Centi-wavelength Antenna - a 1.8Mhz to 450Mhz mobile antenna

Other Projects:
1. Fossil wrist PDA modifications - upgrade the battery and sound on this wearable computer.

Mike's Ham Radio website:  KD8CIK.com

Summery of Topics Planed:
(detailed summaries are lower on page)

  1. Problems with Science:  Real discovery is slow because of human bias, history, wishful thinking, politics, money, etc.
  2. Future ideas: Directed energy weapons, electronic warfare, and how genius terrorists could be a major threat.

1. Problems with Science:

Human Bias - "believe what you wish to believe":

My strength as an inventor is knowing that "human nature", or bias, causes people to often miss the real truth.  In fact I believe that a majority of people today would ignore truth and believe certain lies without question.  Most people believe what they are taught, even if it was wrong.  Another problem is "peer pressure".

This is actually a destructive social issue that gets ignored.  Many people look for flaws or "evil" and ignore truth or "good" in the actions of others.  Stigma, bigotry, and hate are powered by this dark side of human nature.  Would you trust a mentally ill scientist with his claims?

There appears to be little money for investigating the impact of human bias on society.  The excuses are many.  The solutions are waiting for people strong enough to take action.

New discoveries of "dark matter" and "dark energy" - human bias strikes again:

I can predict more discoveries like dark matter or dark energy because of the Uncertainty Principle.  Why?  I believe that all structure in our universe is influenced by chaos, or the uncertainty principle.  If the Heisenberg uncertainty principle has effects on subatomic particles, why not particles or forces nearly as large as the entire universe?

Humans desire certainty.  Want of a warm bed, food, etc., are desires that cause us want order and to ignore chaos.  My current view is that "Everything called solid in this universe is actually a ghost in a subatomic chaos of mass/energy".  The order in the universe may be nothing more than luck of the cosmic dice.  Something in the chaos spiked near infinity.

2. Future ideas:

Directed energy weapons:
It is easy to see how many "science fiction" weapons can in fact be perfected.  The trick is like with the magnetic rail gun.  Directed energy weapons will not simply work by magic, it is necessary to overcome a number of physical processes.  One solution is to "cheat" and actually use an unrelated process to make an apparently impossible application actually work.

Want to shoot lightening bolts 20 feet out of an average size briefcase or purse?  Instead of using e/m fields to focus the discharge, simply use a secondary process to provide a more conductive path.  A variety of safe or dangerous methods can increase the conductivity of air, like directed ionizing radiation or using a "miniature" rail gun.  You get the idea.

A directed nuclear blast?  Years ago my original idea for a directed energy weapon required an atomic bomb.  I believe that if a large super conducting magnetic field were surrounding an nuclear bomb when exploded, the field would direct the ionizing radiation out the axis of the field.  The question is if the field would last long enough...

directed nuclear blast

Electronic Warfare
The Parabolic Discone antenna made me think about electronic warfare applications.  The fact that the antenna can produce a flat, omni-directional, "pancake" of a field can be used for both jamming and reception.  The pattern could also be modified to cover an arc around the antenna.  A direction finding antenna with gain is another application.

Genius Terrorists
It is only a matter of time before terrorists look at the internet and see the genius in being more high tech.  We have been lucky that hate and foolishness has driven most terrorism so far.  The government needs to start thinking now how to distract future genius terrorists from acting.  Taking more interest in social issues that cause much of the hate might be cheaper than fighting future high tech terrorism.  However, war makes money for many people...

My grandfather said that there are many very smart people in the world with absolutely no "common sense".  As I get older the truth of his statement becomes more obvious.  I would add that the problem is a lack of open minds, people who believe they know every thing but never check out details.

The more I learn the more I see what I need to learn.  My lifetime will not be long enough to have all the wisdom that I desire.  At least I can see how foolish my society can be in it's beliefs and trust.  It is a big world.  It can be a dangerous world.  Wisdom has it's merits.

- Mike Lake

I notice that many simple ideas can get ignored for years after their potential discovery.  For example the parabolic discone.  This is also my feeling about quantum and other physics.  A theory to better connect it all together may rest on one wrong assumption or missed idea that everyone makes.  Human nature is good at making us not see the truth.

(Over 99.9% of people do not seem to be worried about the truth to begin with.  That is why many criminals do well in politics and other social settings.  A person loyal to the truth might change things with a real unified theory.)

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